Lecken_23 sticker by Fran Marcos
Lecken_23 sticker by Fran Marcos

Design: Fran Marcos


17.11.23 ÆDEN

Lecken_23 sticker by Fran Marcos

Design: Fran Marcos

Carmen 16 [Lecken]

Dj Shannon

joy mariama smith/Black Joy




Skankstasy feat. Austin Fagan [Lecken]

Sparkly Pony [sweat]

Queerness is not yet here.* Queerness is an ideality, a horizon of potentiality, a critique of the here and now, a longing for a utopian future.

Queer is an action verb, not a static essence. A striving to make another world possible, one in which difference and justice, commitment and liberation, pleasure and accountability can co-exist in a constant state of becoming. A work in progress. No one possesses queerness because queer is a doing, not a being; it is desire, not property; transformation, not self-congratulation.

After 8 years of Lecken, we return to this core orientation that underpinned a lot of our work until now. Lecken was always conceived as a party for everyone who felt in alignment with queer and feminist principles of collective action, care work, pleasure activism, and internationalist solidarity. As our first ever write-up states:

Everybody welcome: hivesex_nomadic fetishisms_masculine femininity_decolonized masculinity_feminist whores_king kong_non-possessive sex_inter-species solidarity_desire without a subject_comfortable alienation.

Come join us one more time at ÆDEN before we take a sabbatical to reflect on where nightlife takes us next. A lot has changed in the last 8 years, in our personal lives as well as in the city’s nightlife economy and queer constituency. In the coming months, we want to slow down and reflect on our capacities, our personal aspirations, and the context surrounding us to determine in what shape or form Lecken (the rave) can go on.

So come and join us for one more dance, this time on two dance floors at ÆDEN. Outfit theme: SKANKS OF THE WORLD UNITE

Rave aside, we recently won the public grant Sparteneoffene Förderung with the help of which we will be offering a free access arts, culture, and nightlife education program in 2023/24. More infos coming soon!

Please read our Awareness Statement on our website before coming to a Lecken rave.

*Jose Esteban Munoz, Cruising Utopia: The Then and There of Queer Futurity (2009)

Graphics: Fran Marcos