Lecken_13 sticker by Jenny Grant
Lecken_13 sticker by Jenny Grant

Design: Jenny Grant


Lecken_13 sticker by Jenny Grant

Design: Jenny Grant


Carmen 16 [Lecken]

CLIMAX [Lucy b2b Vani-T]

Madalba [Buttons]

PAARTANZ (live) [Lecken]

permanentslvt [New World Dysorder]

“This culture always treats sex with suspicion. It construes and judges almost any sexual practice in terms of its worst possible expression. Sex is presumed guilty until proven innocent. Virtually all erotic behaviour is considered bad unless a specific reason to exempt it has been established. The most acceptable excuses are marriage, reproduction, and love. […]

This kind of sexual morality has more in common with ideologies of racism than with true ethics. It grants virtue to the dominant groups, and relegates vice to the underprivileged. A democratic morality should judge sexual acts by the way partners treat one another, the level of mutual consideration, the presence or absence of coercion, and quantity and quality of the pleasures they provide. Whether sex acts are gay or straight, coupled or in groups, naked or in underwear, commercial or free, with or without video, should not be ethical concerns.”

— Gayle Rubin, “Thinking Sex: Notes for a Radical Theory towards a Politics of Sexuality” [1984]

PERFORMANCE: Mignonne & Méchante

DREßCODE: liquid-wear; dress to drip; sweat-resistant; fluid-friendly

☻ This is an inclusive and intersectional space for gender liberation and sexual adventure, a temporary zone for suspension. We gather round the dance floor to let loose and transcend the normcore, which does not mean we can or have to fully abandon our vulnerabilities. A perfect safe space does not exist, but we are a community of people who look out for one another and understand that pleasure and freedom are collectively produced resources. Our awareness team (pink neon Lecken lanyards) will be on call to help and listen! ☻