Design: Wanda Gaimes


Design: Wanda Gaimes


Person A (PAARTANZ & Dan Nicholls) (live)

Mieko Suzuki

We all begin life “polymorphously perverse” — that is, as pleasure-seeking beings that know nothing of higher purposes or appropriate orifices. Initially, our erotic drives are disarticulated from personhood and the possession of specific genitalia. We seek pleasure for its own sake in forms other than those required for the reproduction of the species. The entire surface is eroticized. Those are beginnings one can only hope to relive. [Bruce Fink]

On the dance floor, Smooth Pursuit, a soft go-go act instigated by Maria F. Scaroni.
On the wall, an original reproduction by Elias Karniaris.

Lecken is an EROGENOUS PARTY with a strong commitment to the DANCEFLOOR

Lecken is our: FEMINIST

Dresscode: Adorn or dress up, if not the whole body, at least one body part. Inappropriate wear will be kindly removed at the door.