Lecken_12 sticker by Landon Whittaker
Lecken_12 sticker by Landon Whittaker

Design: Landon Whittaker


Lecken_12 sticker by Landon Whittaker

Design: Landon Whittaker


eLBee BaD


PAARTANZ (live ft. Lecken crew)


what if love were not the answer
& romance was never enough,
what if monsters awoke from the unconscious and said:
“In your hands you’re holding knives.”

a spectre of queers haunts the urban grid at night
outlines of a future-dance etched onto their bodies,
the twinkle of arrogance in their third eye
a constant reminder that this world is not enough.

we have never been queer…, wrote j.e.munoz
Q is for risk and the restless
Q is for the punk casual
Q is for daughters who are daddies (is for COP ENVY because you wanna take the bastards out)
Q is for doing so the done never gets done.

let’s divest of easy utopianism
let’s abolish the fantasy that
the future is made of progress and this togetherness transcends the algorithm.
for one night only
dance with me a rave of rage for this age of austerity
where false gods decree the meaning of scarcity
and you can wear your failed hopes-and-dreams outfit
to the ball of catastrophe.
for one night only
let’s make luxury of the unpaid debts of our enemies
and expend everything we cannot
be without.
for one night only
hold me tight, baby
in the tentacle fold of this rave of rage.

visuals: Heather Purcell
video: Clay AD
graphics: Landon Whittaker
sound: System.out Sound
lights: Sandra Blatterer

DRESS CODE: dress cheaply to impress

Lecken is a queer-feminist erogenous rave. All genders and sexual orientations are welcome! Our awareness team will be on call and we ask that everyone present is equally aware of their needs, privileges and cocktail levels. ♥♥