Design: Sven Gutjahr


Design: Sven Gutjahr

▇ o n t h e d e c k s ▇ 

Carmen 16

Kitmun (live)


▇ o n t h e f l o o r ▇ 

Zinzi Buchanan

▇ o n t h e s c r e e n ▇ 

curated by Lecken

▇ o n t h e w a l l s ▇ 

photography by Marc Lohr

design by Proper Space

Lecken is a Berlin-based femme-forward sex-assertive collective for nightlife production and cultural intervention. For two years, we've been plugging some of Berlin’s most reputed men’s-only public sex holes with female-identifying bodies, pleasures and needs. Every 3 months, we host an erogenous situation with a strong commitment to the dance floor. More than ever, the special occasion of our II Year Anniversary solicits an ambitious multi-disciplinary program for the expansion of the senses & potentials...

>> As always :: DRESS the fuck UP w/o a dress code ;) >>