Lecken is a Berlin-based queer-feminist, sex-enthusiast collective for nighttime intervention and gender disorientation. For 3 years, our erogenous raves have been plugging some of Berlin’s most reputed men’s-only public sex holes with female*-identifying bodies, pleasures and needs. Though, we always said, transformation must start from the needs of the most vulnerable, queer liberation does not sit well in bubbles of positivity and safety. What is resistance if not a negative punch? What is queer if not smashing the constraints of identity to tease the autonomous, multiple and strange within ourselves and the world around?

A core idea behind Lecken has been to empower people marginalized or erased by gender-and-sexual oppression to become architects of their own desire and pleasure. It’s been our aim to hold a space that is sensitive to difference without further hardening separations of difference. We have found that this works best when all participants in the Party think of themselves as members of a temporary community, co-producers of a shared experience handled with care and responsibility. The Party is our zone for skill expansion and training in a common dance for a day like tomorrow.

Lecken is open to everyone — hivesex_nomadic fetishisms_masculine femininity_male-to-male drag_feminist whores_king kong_non-possessive sex_inter-sex solidarity_desire without a subject_comfortable alienation — but we do not tolerate any discrimination, hate, harassment, or shaming. If you need to discuss anything, we are here to help and support you!