Lecken is an erogenous rave with a strong commitment to the dance floor. Lecken is also a platform for somatic expansion and collective transformation, a community art space, a queer counter-economy and a constant work in progress. Hailing from Berlin, which already boasted a vast sex-positive infrastructure for gay men, our mission has been to make that queer rave space more inclusive and responsive to the needs of the sexually oppressed. But how exactly do you empower the margins? How do you queer a dark room? And is there such a thing as the “feminist perverse”?

At Lecken, rave is praxis. The dark room starts on the dance floor, the vibe is a sound-smell and the crowd is assembled through discourse. We love learning and skill-sharing, room-making and costume-jamming, we are passionate about hosting and we always dance till the end. Queer-feminism, for us, is less about quotas and hierarchies of deservingness. We like to think of it as a horizon of permanent becoming, a cheeky restlessness to dive in deeper that can extend its arts over increasingly vaster terrains. The party is our zone for training practical solidarity and pleasure activism around a common dance from the (near) future.

Lecken is open to everyone — hivesex_nomadic fetishisms_masculine femininity_male-to-male drag_feminist whores_king kong_non-possessive sex_inter-sex solidarity_desire without a subject_comfortable alienation — but we are also a womxn-to-the-front space, and we give priority in what we do to those who have less priority in cis-het norm-core society.

Please read our awareness concept (English/Deutsch) before joining a Lecken rave.

And if you would like to discuss something that occurred at one of our events, please fill out our awareness feedback form.