FALO sticker by Mariana Freitas

Design: Mariana Freitas


Fully Automated Luxury of Oblivion

FALO sticker by Mariana Freitas

Design: Mariana Freitas

BLEID (live)

Carmen 16







S Ruston



Tami T (live)

Our idols are dead and our enemies have settled into power.
In 2018 all that was (half)solid became hyperreal. 
Are we still dreaming...

We live on borrowed time
coddled in bubbles of affinity, substances of forgetting, 
communities of auto-immunity, 
sort of like cruel optimism, but more coordinated and electric. 
Harder days are coming.

The question is less where we get our energies from
now that we've occupied the energy plants,
but what to do with all that surplus energy.
How do the voiceless practice dissent? 
How do the hopeless live out their darkness?

The fully automated luxury communism
of our anarchist aunts is half asleep.
The future little more than a repetition of the past.
But we still insist to live better, to love more.
Now don't. Don't you stop me.
The time is now
To make life into a poem.
And living into praxis.

we don't celebrate, we burn
we don't consume, we rave
we don't recharge, we heal
we don't forget, we mourn
leaking surplus energies onto the post-factory floor,
ageing, wasting, mutating...
there is a beauty and a dignity in gestures of expenditure,
taking yourself out of circulation.

Don't look around
Lace up your boots
Put on your running shoes
Throw the fish into the sea

Harder days are coming.

Lecken (Berlin) & mina (Lisbon) are queer femme-forward raver zones of suspension. We do not tolerate sexism, racism, transphobia, ableism and other BS. Check yourself before you check in with us.