Lecken_19 sticker by Fran Marcos
Lecken_19 sticker by Fran Marcos

Design: Fran Marcos


Lecken_19 sticker by Fran Marcos

Design: Fran Marcos

AfroOankali [Emergent Bass]

Camilla Rae [Body Language]

Carmen 16 [Lecken]

CcC [Verteiler]

Dmitra [Kontinuum]


S Ruston [Lecken]

<<I'm a smuggler between two worlds, the world of “men” and the world of “women” might very well not exist. I’m not talking, and cannot talk, as a heterosexual or a homosexual, although I’m acquainted with and occupy both positions. I’m talking as a gender renegade, as a gender migrant, as a fugitive from sexuality, as a dissident with regard to the regime of sexual difference.

This will be a 1000-year war—the longest of all wars. It will actually be the most important of all wars, because what is at stake is neither territory nor city, but the body, pleasure, and life.

Queer feminism has called binary epistemology and gender naturalization into question by asserting that there is an irreducible multiplicity of different sexes, genders, and sexualities. But we realize, these days, that the libidinal transformation is just as important: desire must be transformed. We must learn how to desire s-xual freedom.

Two differential factors separate the queer aesthetic from that of the straight normativeness of the old regime—the ancient régime: the consent and the non-naturalization of sexual positions. The equivalence of bodies and the redistribution of power.

Representatives, women and men, of the old sexual regime, come to grips with your shadowy side and have fun with it, and let us bury our dead. Enjoy your aesthetics of domination, but don’t try to turn your style into a law. And let us fuck with our own politics of desire, without men and without women, without penises and without vaginas, without hatchets, and without guns.>>

PAUL B. PRECIADO, “Letter from a trans man to the old sexual regime.” (2018)

Installation: Fortuna Collage Sessions