Design: Sven Gutjahr


The NarcoSexuals Edition

Design: Sven Gutjahr

S Ruston

Carmen 16



Originally conceived in the subterranean dungeons of Ficken3000, driven by a mostly female desire to penetrate the gay Kulturgut — “darkroom,” for this special occasion Lecken is moving to a bigger location (darkroom included) to collaborate with the elusive NarcoSexuals performance collective on a nocturnal event featuring:

+ electronic dance floor ecstasy
+ soft performative interventions
+ female gaze video productions
+ live musical interludes
+ darkroom mood & scent installations
+ costumed gender hacking

Having sucked for years on the avant-garde teat of the gay electronic-chem-sex complex, we welcome all (im)possible gender combinations and sexual (dis)orientations, especially female-identifying, non-binary, gender confusing and not least those associated with testosterone.