YRZCK [Studio 69]



Budino [DMFH] b2b

The NeighbourhoodCharacter [wood // work // Off Minor]



"My Private Dancer"

live coding by Alexandra Cardenas &

accordion/VOICE by Camilla Vatne Barrat-due



Carmen 16 [Lecken]



S Ruston [Lecken]

Stickers & Lightboxes: Leon Allez



Dress code: UN/dress the fuck up!!!!!



1st of march 23pm til noon @ untertage

It’s odd, she reflected, how you can get into a scene and lose some of your inhibitions and go [    ], and while it’s happening, you think you’ll do anything, but of course you won’t … Under severe and continuous pain, the soul reaches a certain kind of clarity. Confusion and hope can’t be tolerated … No, it’s better to scream freely, without restraint, to plead for mercy, to struggle beautifully, to sweat and strain, to be marked and marked again, to ask [    ] what [    ] wants, to agree to everything [    ] says, to ask for more if that is what [    ] wants, to confess, to grunt like a pig or howl like a dog, to promise anything—anything—if only it will stop.


—Pat/rick Califia, “The Surprise Party”