7th of december lecken

LECKEN til noon

KILLA (lecken) PAARTANZ (lecken) Teleself (Vanity Press Records) marum (mina/suspension) Tamypro (Universe of Tang) Dj Lentil

!!!!!!!!DILDØTEkNOTØNICŠ stands for the non-normal use of the body AND the re-making of sex/gender with dildos!!!!!!!!



The dildo is a contra-sexual innovation. A slavish pleasure-worker, the dildo produces its own counterpart everywhere it pushes against, spilling the arousal of the body beyond the cage of genitalia. ANYONE can wield the dildo and ANYTHING can become dildo because dildo is an ordinary lover!



Function without domination.

Mastery without rule.

Equal access without sameness.

Pleasure outside hierarchy.



As a form, the dildo well predates the penis. Only recently has the dildo had to imitate the penis, quickly outdoing it in detail and performance. But what's been a blow-out strike for the bio-penis, is a massive win for the rank-and-file sub(altern) bodies and under-appreciated erogenous zones. It is the spirit of TECHNO to reshape and reassemble the body according to the tools nature-culture gives us. We have never been natural, we want more and more and more... so let’s get DILDO!



DILDØTEkNOTØNICŠ a dance for 9 bodies and 25 dildos by Maria F. Scaroni





DressCode: B-Y-O-D[ildo]! and/or Drop one item of clothing

Awareness Team: Look out for the NEON Lecken lanyards around our necks!


7/12 Untertage 23pm - 12pm